Cremation Or Burial

C. JOHANN & SONS, INC. provides an environmentally responsible alternative to space consuming burial with affordability and dignity. Cremation, the practice of reducing the body to essential elements by burning, can be traced back to the ancient Greeks.

Today, as the shortage of cemetery space in metropolitan areas becomes more acute, cremation is experiencing a revival. More and more people are looking to cremation as an alternative to purchasing a new cemetery plot by burying cremains in the family grave. This is being permitted by most cemeteries, in addition to the absence of available grave space for a full interment.

Unfortunately, the myth that we are "running out" of available grave space is due, partly to the premise above. When in fact, there would be enough burial space in the State of Rhode Island if tragically, everyone in the continental United States had perished. The issue of available space is more a regulatory problem than an environmental issue and this dates back to the beginning of mankind. It only makes sense to realize that living matter decomposes to its essential elements rooted in the environment. The only difference between burial and cremation, outside of a place of final disposition, is the expediency to which cremation occurs. It then becomes the responsibility of the family to determine if the cremains are to be scattered or inurned.

We can provide counseling in assisting families with services that are both compassionate and dignified. Helping families choose a proper container or casket for their loved one, providing disposition of a person's cremated remains, and deciding if a religious or memorial service would be appropriate are areas where we can provide professional guidance.

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